Google Reader Can’t Search?


Google is a search and ad company, so I would expect all of their products to contain at least one of those two things!

Thanks to their AJAX page loading I can’t even use my browser’s built-in page search.

I’m really enjoying Google Reader for the most part.  The real killer feature I’m looking for in a feed reader is some intelligent Planet handling.

There are 2 ways of reading Planets, each with its own cons:

Subscribe to Planet Feed

  • Duplicate posts from people who are in multiple planets.
  • At the mercy of the Planet aggregator’s RSS mangling.  (Planet posts often differ slightly from the regular RSS post.)
  • Unable to pick and choose which feeds to subscribe too in the Planet.

Subscribe to Feeds via Planet’s OPML

  • If OPML changes, my feed list doesn’t.
  • Hard to organize (Google Reader doesn’t seem to automatically remove duplicates.).

OPML would be the obvious choice is you could somehow subscribe to an OPML feed.  That way I could remove prune boring blogs from Planets and allow my feed list to be automatically updated when the Planet is.

Any suggestions or am I just way too picky? 😉