Uglier than SquirrelMail


Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve periodically hacked on a IMAP web mail application when I’ve had a few spare minutes.

I setup a mail server at work a while ago and wanted an IMAP capable web mail application to go with it. I really didn’t want to subject my users to SquirrelMail, so I ended up installing Horde which at least isn’t an eyesore.

At the same time I was tinkering with Python, specifically: CherryPy, Django, and TurboGears.

While Django and TurboGears are impressive web application platforms, neither made sense for a web mail application.

So I give you CherryMail. Its interface is ugly. Its code is even uglier. And it doesn’t have many features.

But as long as you have Python 2.4, CherryPy 3, Genshi 0.4 and a Dovecot 1.0 RC 15 IMAP server, you can try it out. It may work fine with other setups as well, but thats the environment I used.

And of course its open source, licensed under the BSD license.

I’ll probably continue to poke at it and will try to get it into a public subversion repository. Feel free to send me patches!

Disclaimer: I didn’t want to torture the world with my terrible code, but Christian assured me that any CherryPy sample code is a good thing. So blame him. 😉