How many of your eggs are in DoubleClick’s basket?


Roberto de Almeida has a nice short post about relying on Google for most of his commonly used applications.

Out of my friends, I’m probably the slowest to adopt Google’s applications, and they give me grief about it all of the time. I just started using Calendar and Docs, and I’ve been using Reader for a little while. (And of course I use their search.)

I have no plans to use my Gmail account (and I use GTalk lightly) because I really don’t feel like letting 1 company know everything about me. I even hesitate to put AdWords or Analytics on my blog because there aren’t many safe havens* on the web anymore.

Now that Google has purchased DoubleClick, I’m even more concerned. I remember when DoubleClick had the reputation that malware makers have today. (Of course that was back when cookies were viewed with suspicion.) It used to be I feared giving all of my personal information over to Google for fear they’d be bought out by a less-than-good company. Now I fear that Google is just slowly becoming a company I don’t really want having all of my personal information!

That being said. Most of Google’s applications rock. Reader rocks (despite missing search). Calendar rocks. And while I don’t like Google Docs as well as OpenOffice and AbiWord, the collaboration aspect is unbeatable.

So we’ll see how much privacy I’ll give up in exchange for Google/DoubleClick’s services… Privacy seems to be the new currency on the Internet.

* By “safe havens” I mean sites that don’t send any of your data to 3rd parties whether through ads or statistics like counters or Analytics.