CherryMail and Fun with AJAX


I’ve hacked a bit more on CherryMail, my web mail for IMAP project. I’ve never really played around with any of the fancy new JavaScript frameworks out there, so I quick slapped some DataTables from Yahoo’s UI Library into CherryMail.

The result is actually a slower interface, but the addition of AJAX had interesting implications on my code layout. I now have 1 controller module ( for serving mostly static HTML, and all of the IMAP controller logic has been moved into a second controller ( that outputs JSON for my JavaScript widgets to digest.

Not exactly useful at this point, but I found it interesting to basically use AJAX as the primary data connector.

If you really feel like torturing your eyes with my code, feel free to grab it here:

CherryMail 2007.05.07

Or grab the latest source from my Subversion repository:

My subversion repository ended up being as messy as my code, but I’ve always found the process of importing source into a new subversion repository a bit clumsy.

Speaking of clumsy, I’ve been using Eclipse and PyDev for development, so I thought I might as well try Subclipse as well. While Subclipse seems very feature complete, I find myself dropping to the command line to use the old svn command because Eclipse is just so clumsy and slow.

Its like using a forklift to move furniture in your house: perfectly capable, but a bit more hassle than its worth.