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I just added the Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin. You should now be able to get e-mail notifications when new comments are posted. This should make flamewars and trolling much easier. 😉

For what its worth I also installed the Google Sitemap Generator plugin which seems to work alright. My main gripe is that the author uses a blog post dated June 5, 2005 as the home page for the plugin! I actually passed it up and kept looking the first time I hit the page because I assumed the plugin was old.

I have to admit, sites that use a blog like a full-fledged CMS usually annoy me. Of course tons of sites probably do it without me noticing, so I suppose if its done well, I don’t mind. :)

A while ago I installed the WP-Syntax plugin. Here’s a snippet of Python to test it out since I haven’t gotten around to posting any code lately:

d = {'test1': 'hello world'}
d.setdefault('test1', 'goodbye world')
d.setdefault('foo', 'bar')
print d['test1']
print d['foo']

This prints:

hello world

becase setdefault() only changes the value of a dictionary key if the key has no value. Very handy.

My final bit of WordPress hacking has been to switch to using Subversion to update WordPress. Juggling files to do updates is just annoying. With Subversion I just checked out and run svn up whenever an update is released.

I suppose I could just schedule running svn up with a cron job. It would even automatically e-mail what files it updates because cron e-mails stdout by default. But considering how much I love automatic updates on Windows, I think I’ll hold off on that… 😉

Update: Grrr… Now if only I could convince WordPress not to convert my

tags to

tags when editing posts and messing up my whitespace when saving!

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