IRC After a 10 Year Hiatus


Its probably been 10+ years since I’ve touched IRC. In the early days of the public Internet, IRC was IM + MySpace + Filesharing, only a lot geekier. :)

Then came ICQ and soon after a flood of IM clients that rendered IRC clumsy and antiquated for casual chatting. When I went from High School to College in 2000, I left IRC behind…

Now its 2007, I’m an old man and returning to my old ways. I’m back on IRC except instead of chatting with friends using pIRCh* on Windows 98, I’m lurking in technical channels using irsii centrally located on a Debian Etch server.

If you want to track me down I go by the nick schmichael** and am currently lurking in the following channels.

  • #cherrypy on
  • #linode on
  • #python-genshi on
  • #drupal-ecommerce on

I also pop in and out of #gnome on gimpnet and #drupal-support on

To experienced free and open source software community members the fact that IRC is new or strange to anyone is probably a bit hard to grasp. As far as I can tell, IRC is simply the de facto method for communicating about FOSS projects. Mailing lists may be more popular for some projects, but I find the instance gratification of IRC much more appealing.

* I remember liking its scripting better then mIRC or some such nonsense… I’ve never been known to use the most popular software available…

** A very unimaginative combination of my first and last names given to me by some friends in college. It works.