I spent half an hour tonight finding a AAA battery to resurrect my ancient 512 MB SanDisk SDMX1 MP3 player, so I could listen to LugRadio while washing dishes.

I’ve never listened before, but after seeing Jono Bacon listed as the #1 Linux blog I decided to give it a chance. There was a great interview with one of my geek heroes Miguel de Icaza. He always seems to be surrounded by controversy even though his decisions are very pragmatic and always end up being exceedingly beneficial to the open source community.

I actually didn’t listen to the whole episode (stopped on the bit about the streaming media server). This American Life remains the only non-musical audio production thats able to keep my attention for a full hour.

LugRadio definitely isn’t geared soley for the hardcore open source geek. Casual open source users should feel right at home as well.

There’s plenty of swearing, so you may not want to listen to it at work without headphones.