Hello Planet Python


Just noticed my first post appeared on Unofficial Planet Python.

Hello all!

If you’re really bored, you can learn more about me or read all of my posts.

Suffice it to say I’m a new Python consultant. Monday, October 15th, was my last day at my old job, and I’m very excited to be starting a new web development company, Lo-Fi Art, with my friend Chris Pitzer! (No links because I’m really not trying to shamelessly advertise, I’m just excited!)

At any rate, thanks to Christian Wyglendowski for introducing me to Python and now getting me on the Unoffical Planet Python!

I come from a PHP (with some .NET) background, so I’m sorry if my posts seem simple or mundane to experienced Pythoners. I can’t help it if the beautiful simplicity of Python is exciting to a PHP/.NET refugee. 😉