Customizing the Summary in TracGantt


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We use Trac at Lo-Fi Art to manage… well just about everything that doesn’t go in our Google Calendars. We’ve been testing out TracGantt to get some sort of idea what we’re working on at any given date.

We quickly ran into the problem that the summary TracGantt displayed didn’t display 2 pieces of information that were critical for us: the reporter and component. Luckily it wasn’t very hard to hack in a customizable summary display.

You can download either a…

To change th summary display simply set:

summary_format = $foo: $bar

where $foo and $bar are any keys inside the ticket.values dict. It defaults to:

summary_format = [$component] $reporter: $summary

It appears Will Barton, the creator of TracGnatt, isn’t very interested in maintaining it.

Does anybody else use TracGnatt? Should I offer to become the new maintainer?