Annoyed with Joel on Software


A quote from Joel on Software’s latest post on the IE8 standards mode by default:

…the way to make a paragraph with small text is

, but a lot of people wrote

which is technically incorrect for reasons most web developers don’t understand…

What?! If you’re a web developer and you don’t understand the difference between a block level element (

) and an inline element (), you should get a new job. NOW.

I stopped reading the article at that point. It was extremely long-winded and treated the reader like a 5 year old (or upper level management perhaps).

Perhaps if managers like Joel Spolsky wouldn’t set their expectations of technical knowledge so low for their developers, the web would be a tidier place. 😉

Just kidding Joel. But seriously, inline vs. block? Thats like a web developer not knowing the difference between GET and POST.

Also, CSS is preferable to , especially for a whole element like a paragraph. However, if you check out the source to this paragraph, you’ll see I’m not exactly a purist myself.

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