Looking for CherryPy Case Studies


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At the CherryPy BOF1 at Pycon in Chicago we discussed how people are using CherryPy in lots of different ways. We’re afraid people aren’t grokking how flexible CherryPy is just by briefly glancing at the web site and thought having some interesting case studies would be useful.

The wiki has a good start. However, its a bit out of date, and it’d be nice to have some great Case Studies as well as a separate list of Projects using CherryPy.

If your company deploys CherryPy or you’ve used CherryPy for a client, I’d love to hear the story. Here’s a basic format you could follow:

  1. Who is using CherryPy: (your name)
  2. Where are you using Cherrypy?

    (Company or client name. You can of course remain anonymous)

  3. What do you do with CherryPy?

    (What’s your project: a traditional public web site? internal web services?)

  4. How is CherryPy deployed?

    (Behind modproxy/modpython/modwsgi, on a cluster behind a load balancer, or is it your frontend HTTP server?)

  5. How long have you used CherryPy?

    (The “when” question)

  6. Why did you choose CherryPy?

    (While “because its the best” is obviously the answer, a little more detail would be nice. 😉 )

Feel free to include screenshots, links, code snippets, diagrams, etc, and e-mail me!

With 3.1 nearing release, it’d be nice if we could launch an updated version of the web site at the same time, so your help is greatly appreciated!

I also posted this over at the cherrypy-user mailing list.


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