Hzzah: AJAX Searching, Grouped Searches, and Version Numbers


AJAX Searching

Thanks to jQuery and the jQuery History plugin, searching is now done via AJAX but it doesn’t break your back and forward buttons.

The navigation callback in JavaScript ought to be more of a proper state machine, but considering there are only 3 states (blank, about, and searching) I’m not too concerned.

Grouped Searches

I played around with hzzah a bit more after I noticed its search results were far worse than those on Yahoo.com

It seems Yahoo.com only returns 1 or 2 hits per domain, whereas the BOSS API will happily return hundreds all from the same site.

This means if you’re vain like me and search for your name, you get pages of links to your blog and nowhere else. The Yahoo.com results are pretty good and only return 2 hits for my blog.

So I grouped hits by domain name, but since I broke pagination in the process, searching for myself is completely worthless now.

I have some ideas on how to fix that, but they’ll have to wait for another time.

Version Numbers

Squint at the bottom of the page to see the current revision number.

Anybody know how to have that increment automatically when I do bzr up on my server? I haven’t looked for a post-update hook which would do the trick.