Introducing Hzzah!


from the I-can-haz-a-search-engine department…

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When it comes to market share, Google is to Searching as Microsoft is to Operating Systems. Thankfully Google has won their dominant position by creating a really amazing product (you can find plenty of discussions on why Microsoft is on top elsewhere).

Recently Yahoo! opened up their search APIs for anyone to use along with a handy Python library. In a time when Yahoo’s very existence is being threatened, I felt a pang of nostalgia for the search engine that fed me decent results for “free dos games” throughout the mid-90s.

So last night I whipped up a little search engine called Hzzah!*



  • Simple
  • No ads, cookies, or even JavaScript (at the moment at least)
  • Open Source! BSD to be precise.
  • Did I mention simple? That’s really all it has going for it…

If you have Bazaar installed you can grab the code a variety of ways:

# If you know Subversion, use this method.  `bzr up` will keep you up to date
bzr checkout

# If you want to hack on Hzzah or are comfortable with bzr, feel free to branch
bzr branch hzzah-steve

You can also grab a zip, but its probably going to become out of date quickly.

Read the README file for help setting it up.

And like I say in the README, if you’re feeling generous, feel free to toss some cash this way:

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* Make fun of the name all you like… there’s no good domain names left. The name is inspired by a friend from college for whom huzzah was her exclamation of choice.