Selling 2 Painted Apple IIe Monitors


I promise I won’t post every time I’m unloading some junk, but I thought the readers of my blog would appreciate the 2 Apple IIe monitors I just posted on Craigslist.

My wife, Samantha, painted them and they were our only TVs for 3 years!

The Apple IIe was the first computer I ever touched, the first computer my family owned, and the computer I learned programming on. These monitors are originally from the Grade School I grew up in, so changes are I probably ran the following program on at least one of them:

20 GOTO 10

(Note: No lowercase characters on the IIe.)

These are actually the only Apple products we own. I better stop thinking about it before I get too nostalgic and decide to keep one.

2 Apple IIe monitors

RIP Goldie and Striped