Thanks to El Reg for reminding us that new APIs really aren’t any reason to get excited.

My $0.02 (because everyone is dying to know):

  • Google Gears* – A SQL database client-side? Aren’t we trying to get away from SQL as the de facto data persistence backend? Isn’t Google the one leading the charge (see MapReduce)? I’m so confused…

    Ironically this tech stands a chance to survive because (1) its Google, the Microsoft of the web, and (2) nothing else can offer offline capabilities like it can.

  • OpenID – The API that tried to make Internet accounts less annoying and did the opposite. Good job guys.

    The only time I’ve successfully used it was at stackoverflow.com, and thats because they forced me. It took me many failed attempts, setting up a technorati account just to fail with it, and finally succeeding because I had been entering Yahoo’s OpenID URL slightly wrong (its just http://yahoo.com?!). Yeah, I expect to see my non-techie friends use this just as soon as they start using vim and latex.

  • OpenSocial – I don’t even care enough to read up on this to make fun of it.

* I hear WordPress’s new admin interface can use Google Gears… why? It seems to work fine without Gears installed. I guess offline blog editing might be handy, but vim can do that just fine…