Moved to Portland, OR


My wife & I just arrived in Portland, OR today after 4 grueling days of travel via Penske from Peoria, IL.

  • Job 1 is finding a place to live, so we can move out of our friend’s apartment.
  • Job 2 is finishing up a project Chris Pitzer & I have been toying with for ages and really need to get live.

Stay tuned, and ping me if you live in Portland, OR and like Python, Linux, Web Dev, Open Source, and/or Beer. I’m always looking for exciting new contracting opportunities as well, although at the moment I’m pretty swamped with existing clients.

Right now its bed time because I’m dead tired and have a full day of apartment hunting and catching up on work ahead of me tomorrow.

If you care about my personal life, feel free to look me up on Facebook. This blog is my geek outlet, but I’m not promising my personal life is any more exciting.