Catching up on photos: Lots o’ Hiking


I’ve finally gotten around to organizing and uploading over a months worth of photos off of my little digital camera. Just to make sure there’s something geeky in this post: I use F-Spot to organize and upload my photos to PicasaWeb. Despite neither of those products being terribly popular, I really enjoy them both. I’ve found PicasaWeb to be a lot easier to work with than Flickr, but Flickr definitely has a lot more support from 3rd party tools and products.

You can view all of my photo albums or just check out the ones you’re interested in:

  • Failed Ramona Falls Hike – Sam & I attempted to hike to Ramona Falls one day, but a 6″ deep snow drift on East Lola Pass Road stopped us from continuing. Was still a very enjoyable day driving around Mt. Hood.
  • Horsetail Falls Hike – Fun hike in Columbia River Gorge.
  • Saddle Mountain Hike – An incredible hike that technically defeated us about a quarter of a mile before the summit. There was still a lot of snow in some spots, so we’ll have to return to finish the hike someday soon!
  • Jen & Veen’s visit – Just a random assortment of pictures from when some friends visited.