Biking to Work


Finally made it up to biking to work 3 times this week! Had only been averaging about once every 2 weeks for the past couple months. Sam & I recently moved to North Portland which is flat. We had been living in the very hilly Southwest area of town, and biking to work from there was killer.

I really didn’t realize how much my situation had improved until my friend, Aaron Colflesh, pointed me to which generates elevation change profiles for you based on coordinates:

My current route from home to work:

current route to work

It has a good 100′ hill in it. Not fun on the way home, but it doesn’t last too long.

Now compare that to my old route from home to work:

old route to work

No wonder I never did it more than once a week! It was brutal coming home.

We’re much happier in North Portland in general, but finding these diagrams made me feel much better about struggling to get on bike at the old place. :-)