Python Packaging Talk


I gave a talk at PDX Python last night on Python Packaging. It’s just an overview and introduction completely lacking in any practical examples.

Let me know if the ODP source is messed up. liked randomly losing background images and forgetting other formatting.

So as penance I quick hacked up a silly little command line utility and uploaded it to PyPI to serve as a simple packaging example:

It’d be nice to add some more advanced features like test running, including package data, and building C extensions. If you feel adventurous please fork it and send me a pull request on BitBucket.

Thanks to everyone who came to PDX Python last night! Especially Armin Ronacher who was able to clarify and elaborate on a number of different distutils/setuptools topics!

Update: Just spotted an excellent post on distutils and setuptools by Tarek Ziadé. Make sure to read his blog if you’re interested in packaging in Python.