Great article on big government


Havoc Pennington has a great post entitled Which Piece of Big Government Are You Against?

War on Terror + DoD ~= 21.6% of our budget. I know we can’t cut it all, but a guy can dream can’t he? :-)

My favorite line is in regards to how different political parties approach budgetary spending:

Republicans and Democrats judged by actions not rhetoric: government should be 105% of whatever it just was. Disagreement on where the new 5% goes.

So true. Neither party has been fiscally conservative (or even responsible) for the past 30 years. The Republicans just spend more on bombs while the Dems spend it on evil socialist programs like welfare.

Emphasis added to denote sarcasm.

I’d much rather my tax dollars paid for some poor person’s laziness (as many conservatives see welfare) than have it spent bombing the same country into oblivion twice in a bit over a decade.

It is sad to see us throw away 9% of our federal budget on interest payments. Hopefully our economy will recover quickly enough for President Obama to start paying back the deficit like Clinton did in the 90s.